Fair And Festival

Holding a true essence of “Unity in Diversity”, India is also known as a land of fairs and festivals. Serving a blissful assortment of varied religions, cultures and traditions to the world; most of the fairs and festivals of India have either some religious orientation or have some geographical-seasonal comprehension. And to celebrate so many reasons, India will always have some kind of celebrations going on in some corner of the country. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that India is also known as a land of festivities.

Whatever the reason may be, the vibrant joy of celebrating these fairs and festivals is an exhilarating experience in itself.

Undoubtedly, fairs and festivals of India are like a window to witness and experience the true colors of India.

Elephant Festival

Jaipur, the capital city of the Royal state Rajasthan witness the extravaganza of annual elephant festival as the pre-Holi bash. Highlighting the royal importance of Rajasthan, this festival is organized by Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation every year. And with its increasing popularity, this event has now earned a significant reputation… View Detail

Desert festival

Held in the golden city of Rajasthan “Jaisalmer”, the Desert festival is a three day long colorful festival that uncovers the solitary local deliciousness and delicacy, dance and traditional music of Rajasthan. The heritage parade, cultural performances, camel rides and even the camel tug-of-war are some of the key featuring… View Detail

Urs Ajmer

Celebrated on the death anniversary of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, Urs is held at the Ajmer Dargah of the saint and is the largest Muslim fair in India. The annual Urs is an occasion of enormous pilgrimage, with millions of devotees flocking to the Dargah situated in Ajmer city… View Detail

Teej festival

Pink city Jaipur is the beautiful land with the various colors of life, festivity and joy, enchants whoever experiences the glory of  festivals. Many festivals belonging to different religions are celebrated with equal enthusiasm and passion. The Teej is the festival that falls in the monsoon months of July-August is… View Detail

Summer festival

On Budh Poonima, in the month of Aashad (May or June) Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan, witnesses the annual Summer festival. This city with a diverse history celebrates the event to honor the warmth, cheerfulness and  the depth of the hearts of the people with which they… View Detail

Pushkar Festival

Pushkar Fair Held in the month of October-November on the 11th date of Hindu month Kartic, the Pushkar fair was started centuries ago with the aim of trading cattles such as cow, goats, horses, sheep and camels. The five day long Pushkar Festival is now a colorful collage of the… View Detail

Onam Festival

Onam celebration Being the national festival of Kerela state, Onam is the biggest festival of Kerela that continues for 10 days. Exactly, the festival of Onam is a harvest festival which falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam between August and September each year. According to ancient mythology, the festival… View Detail

Nagaur Festival

Nagaur Fair Nagaur festival, named after the organizing town in Rajasthan is celebrated every year in the month of January or February. The ancient town sited on old trading route across the plains gets filled bursts with life when more than 70000 livestock and their owner associate for trading. The… View Detail

Mewar Festival

Udaipur, the most romantic city of India, hosts the annual Mewar Festival in the month of April as a formal welcoming celebration of the spring season. The festival showcases the cultural as well as religious richness of Rajasthan. Celebrated every year with the lots of joy and happiness, it is… View Detail

Holi Festival

The carnival of colors, Holi is the most colorful, vibrant and enthusiastic cultural event of the rich Indian tradition. Celebrated on the last full moon day of Falgun, the joy, excitement and happiness of this festival is beyond the words; it can be best experienced and felt by indulging in… View Detail

Goa Carnival

India is an incredible land that offers various interesting ideas of enjoying, merry making and experiencing the thrill and relaxation both at the same time. In the chain of many fare and festivals held throughout the country, Goa Carnival is among those fairs which is much awaited affair and is… View Detail

Gangaur Festival

One of the most rejoiced festivals of Rajasthan; Gangaur brings the great enthusiasm and happiness among the Hindu community of the state. While “Gan” stands for Lord Shiva, “Gaur” is the synonym for the goddess Parvati, the festival is held in the honor of Goddess Parvati as she was regarded… View Detail

Diwali festival

The festival of lights that represents the triumph of good over evil is the celebration of prayers, devotions, ceremonies and families. Diwali, celebrated throughout the India every autumn is the traditional gala that is celebrated for five days. On this occasion, the houses and almost all the buildings are decorated… View Detail

Brij Fesival

In the month of March, Bharatpur, a famous small town of Rajasthan invites the lovers of cultural festivity to celebrate the Brij Festival or Brij Mahotsav, a commemoration of Lord Krishna and his eternal love for Radha. This is the occasion when the devotees of Radha-Krishna assemble from all over… View Detail