Tour Packages

India has lots to visit you can not visit India in a single go. Before planning India Tour Packages think about what interests you, what you like and how much time you have and then customize India Tour Packages accordingly.  It is advisable to be realistic and practical about how much you can fit in. Rather than trying to explore India in a single visit.

You may explore more if you focus on South India Tour or North India Tour. There are many flights operates from North to South so you can hop from North to South to experience both regions of India in a single visit. Intense India Tours brings most preferred routes that will help you in order to refind your tour to India. Hope this section can help you to select your forthcoming tour to India in a most innovative way.

First Timer Tours

Planning for an India Tour first time? Be ready to be amazed and mesmerized by some unforgettable experiences this country is going to offer you. So get ready for an extraordinary experience that would leave you spellbound.

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Golden Triangle Tour

The flagship India tour package for any foreign traveler is Golden Triangle Tours; this is one of the hottest selling tours in India. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are the most important historical points of India with rich heritage sites and culture.

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Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan is one the most vibrant and fascinating state and known for its colorful dresses, amazing folk dance, sumptuous food and rich heritage of Royal Times. Any tour to India cannot be said complete without a Rajasthan Tour. 

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Kerala Tours

Called as “God’s Own Country”, this state has an endless list of places to surprise you with nature’s beauty and serenity. Known for its scenic beauty in its purest form, it has hills, beaches, backwaters, wildlife, waterfalls and what not.

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India and Nepal Tour

Many foreigners while their visit to India also extends their tour to Nepal and Bhutan. If you are willing to have a combined India Nepal Tour, we can offer you some great itineraries to choose from as per your convenience.

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India Wildlife Tour

India is known for its rich flora & fauna and wildlife tourism in India is famous globally for many reasons. Many wildlife experts, adventure lover and ornithologists from all across the globe visit India to explore.

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South India Tour

Travel to the Indian subcontinent without a visit to South-India is incomplete. One of the linguistically as well as culturally rich regions of India, the South is very much preferred by the tourists coming to the country.

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Gujarat Tour

Situated in the north east of India, the state of Gujarat treasures the history of age old Harappan Civilization and the Mughal period. Glorified with the rich historical and cultural traditions, Gujarat is also a home state of Mahatma Gandhi.

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Leh Tour

A land of rugged nature with snow-capped mountains, plateaus and valleys; Leh-Ladhak is a pristine destination for globetrotters. Highly influenced by the Buddhism, the place has many picturesque landscapes that can endure lifelong memories in anybody’s heart.

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