India Tour Reviews

"Our third trip with Intense India - Gujarat and Punjab"

After two very successful trips organised by Anil we planned a third for the lesser visited states of Gujarat and Punjab, with Delhi as a hub. If you’re as addicted to India, the people and culture as we are, then it’s a great way to see more of the amazing country. Gujarat is so undeveloped and undiscovered – we saw ten other western tourists outside Ahmedabad in about two weeks. Travelling in tourist hotspots will be quite tough after this!

Anil’s suggested itinerary was great and even with hindsight we’d do it all exactly the same way again. We had a huge variety with temples, step-wells, palaces, forts, safaris (including a lion really close!), beaches, cookery class and even a great food tour in Delhi on our itinerary. Our driver Anand is just the best and treated us like family friends with nothing being too much trouble.

Anyone wanting to know the details of the trip is welcome to private message for more detail but I can’t recommend Intense India and Anil highly enough.

Philippa & Tony Neilson Factor

Essex, United Kingdom

"South India - Kerala and Tamil Nadu"

After searching for a company that could organize our first trip to India, specifically in the south, we found a link to Intense India Tours. At first it might not seem right to use a northern based firm, but those that reviewed them all pointed to Anil and his follow through. We started our correspondence and his follow through was as all others said. We made many adjustments based on conversations we had and finally settled on a route. In Kerala, we visited Cochin and Munnar. In Tamil Nadu we visited Thanjavur, Kariakudi (Chettinad Region), Madurai, and Kanyakumari at the southern tip. Then we went back into Kerala and spent a few nights in Poovar at a great resort. We also visited Trivandrum.

Working with Anil to find the best hotels for the budget we had, and working with TripAdvisor reviews we decided on which hotels to stay at. As we got closer to our trip, we still made adjustments. He made sure we had a very qualified private driver that we were greeted at the airports, and checked in with us several times by telephone during our trip to make sure all was doing well.

We are experienced travellers, but we knew that South India would present a challenge for us to do this by ourselves, so his advise and efforts where needed and were on target. He listened to us so we had a range of experiences from the typical tourist stops (we only went to a limited number) to off-the-beaten track. We made the decisions; he made them come to life.

You can check many tour companies, and they all say the same thing, but frankly Anil stepped up to a level that insured we had the type of trip we wanted. He is now considered a “trusted advisor” and we will return to India in a few years and he will be our first contact when its time for planning.

Adam Jory Waxman

North Carolina, United States

"Wow...Visiting India along with Intense India Tours"

Important fact to consider, this was our first trip organized with someone else as we are normally organizing all of our trips. Nonetheless, for this trip we have contact Anil from (Intense India Tour) via internet and emails. We have provided him an overview of our interest and he finalized the overall trip, which have been setup for a full month as a private tour for my wife and I. Anil is very proactive and has provided an excellent follow up during the preparation and as well as during our stay in India.

No worries to travel in India, we just had to enjoy since Anil, the driver and guides make you feel comfortable so you can benefit a 100% of your trip experience. The whole tour was very good and well organized with worthy site seeing.

Without any doubt we would recommend anyone to travel with Intense India Tour.
Since our travel experience in India have been successful from start to end without any issues. We have felt that were in good hands. For Anil the most important satisfaction is that his customer can live a memorable experience.

Etienne Dionne

Montreal, Canada

"A wonderful tour through Rajasthan"

Our wonderful experience in the north of India was mainly due to the care and communication of Intense India Tours. Anil (the owner) was in prompt contact before the trip to answer all of my questions and to make updated suggestions regarding the currency situation at the time. We didn’t use their accommodation services, as I prefer to do that myself. But he did make some excellent suggestions to our itinerary, including staying at a gem of a palace converted to a hotel in Narlai, Rajasthan (called Rawla Narlai).

We had our driver, Anand, throughout our time in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan (about 3 and a half weeks), and we could not praise him enough. He was a very safe driver, never taking any risks, not speeding. He even pulled me out of the way of a tuk tuk when walking through a crowded section of one of the old towns.

Anand would make suggestions regarding what we might like to do each afternoon for the following day. When we thought we might want to change one or two things (such as the order of visiting certain sites), Anand would listen carefully and then explain the reasons he thought his itinerary would be better – and he was right every single time. There is nothing like local knowledge. When we wanted a particular thing sourced or wanted a particular experience, Anand would know exactly where to get it. And if he wanted even more specific local input, he would contact someone in his network of friends.

I was also impressed that when we needed to use a tuk tuk driver, such as in the old towns of Bikaner or Udaipur, Anand arranged a good price with an older driver – often the younger tuk tuk drivers were less cautious (we introduced Anand to the term ‘hoon’ – someone who tears about in a vehicle with little care for safety). When Anand dropped us at the airport, he insisted on waiting until we had checked in and sent him a text that all was well before he left the airport. He even gave us Christmas presents!

Anil would contact us through Anand every few days to check that all was well and that we were happy with the service being provided, which we were. In our first few days in the country, Anil invited us to his home in Delhi for a meal, which was very kind and very much appreciated by us…and the food was delicious – his wife is a wonderful cook.

I know that competition is very fierce in India for such tour services and drivers, but we were very happy with all of our dealings with Anil, and make sure you request Anand as your driver.

Nicole & John Baltaks


"I would strongly recommend Intense India Tours to anyone!"

After checking several Indian tour companies I settled on Anil Prajapati Company. He was easy to work with, he answered all of my questions, he had wonderful insights into the itinerary planning, including the must-see as well as lesser known tourist spots, hotels, and travel time between destinations, and he offered the best price. So…why wouldn’t I use his services? My husband and I were lucky we got him!
We flew into and out of Delhi, and we stayed in India for over two weeks. My husband and I went on to Nepal for a couple of days at the end, and that part of our trip was planned by Anil too. We have travelled all over the world, and although India has so many people and is chaotic in many ways, we felt safe and secure, and were able to relax and enjoy ourselves every step of the way.

We were collected at the airport in Delhi, and had a skilled, friendly, and knowledgeable driver and an air-conditioned, comfortable vehicle at our service from then on. We stayed in some beautiful high-end Indian and foreign chain hotels, as well as some interesting and unique local hotels. Every place we stayed, we wished we were able to spend three days (at least!) instead of only two, so we could just enjoy the atmosphere and culture of the surroundings. We also ate delicious buffet breakfasts in our hotels each morning, and were driven and dropped off wherever we wanted to sightsee or shop, and we were taken to our next destination afterwards.

My husband and I loved the history of India, and we toured many old forts and palaces. We rode an elephant and a camel, a rickshaw and a Tuk-Tuk, and did lots of walking with a guide in markets and on trails. All of this was done in conjunction with planning by Anil.

When we completed our trip, my husband and I were so happy that we had travelled with Intense India Tours, and we couldn’t believe how much we got for our money! We had no complaints, we felt safe and comfortable and happy, and without reservation, I would give Anil Prajapati and his company Intense India Tours our highest recommendation!

Nancy Ryan

New York, USA

amigos de habla hispana, quisiera que esta agencia de viajes es la mejor elección que hicimos para realizar un viaje a la india en el cuerno de oro, y Varanasi y Katmandu, porque desde que llegamos a Delhi. estuvieron permanentemente al pendiente de todos nuestros recorridos en cada una de las maravillas que tiene ese país, y siempre nos sentimos muy seguros en nuestros bienes y personas. si llegan a tomar un viaje por ese maravilloso país pueden solicitarles que les ponga de guía de turistas a Mr. Ram, ya que es un brahman muy culto y conocedor de toda la historia de su país y es muy formal y servicial, Pueden confiar en que desde el principio les hablaran con la verdad porque yo lo comprobé cuando planeaba nuestro viaje familiar que incluía algunas personas ya adultos mayores, y por ello algunas necesidades muy especiales , que fue muy cuidadoso a la hora de proponernos los hoteles donde podíamos quedarnos y todos fueron de una excelente calidad, asimismo como viajero precavido no solo pedí su opinión sino también el de otra empresa que se llama viva india, donde vi que su presupuesto fue mas conveniente que el de esta ultima, ya que había una diferencia por el costo de sus servicios de mas del 20% , aunque al final quiso adecuarse para ganar el tour, eso ya me dio desconfianza y decidi al final optar por la empresa intense india day tours , y sin duda fue la mejor descision que pude haber tomado ya que no solo cumplieron al 100% lo que me ofertaron sino aun mas tuvimos la atencion personalizada de Anil su propietario quien es una persona muy confiable y recomendable, de manera que si de verdad quieren ir a ese país confíen en lo que les sugiero, yo vivo en mexico y a través de anil me pueden contactar personalmente para que les pueda yo dar mas detalles si lo requieren. Finalmente se podrán preguntar porque lo recomienda mucho, la respuesta es muy sencilla es una manera de agradecerle todas las atenciones que tuvo con nosotros esa empresa y su equipo y por ello mi recomendación al 150%. luis enrique moreno

Luis E Moreno


“Wanting to arrange a tour of Rajasthan I trawled the internet to find a suitable travel company. I was quickly drawn to Intense India Tours by their attractive web site, which clearly” stated the options available. From the point I made contact with Anil Prajapati, their representative I felt confident I was dealing with a proficient and honest company in whom I could trust to arrange my tour. The tours they were proposing did not entirely meet my requirements but they promptly put together a tour tailored to my preferences, which not only included Rajasthan but was extended to include a two day visit to Varanasi. I then received an itinerary including identifying hotels, places to be visited, a clear statement on services to be or not included and a cost for the tour, which was to last for 18 days between 25 March and 11 April 2012. I investigated the proposed hotels and where not entirely happy was immediately offered alternatives at no extra cost. I also asked to have a two day visit to Narlai added, which likewise was included. A nominal down payment was made and from that point I was entirely in the hands of Anil who regularly before and during the tour would call me to see everything was in order. On arriving at Delhi we were met in the small hours of 25 March by Anil and his allotted driver/guide Lalit Yadav and delivered to our hotel for a short briefing. From then on we were in the hands of Lalit who was the most likeable person you could wish to meet and with whom we would spend the next two weeks. Lalit was throughout co-operative, always on time, a safe and competent driver and a patient guide who never failed to answer our questions. He also made sure we were given the right advice to avoid being troubled by the ever present street sellers and others offering their services. From the beginning to the end we were delivered everything promised and often more. We were cared for in every sense and felt safe and secure throughout. From our experience of a faultless service delivered by Intense India Travels I would recommend anyone wanting to visit India to put their faith in them to deliver a perfect vacation. MNN

Malcolm Noakes

United Kingdom

“When my son invited me to join him in India after his three weeks in Tamil Nadu, I accepted immediately but on the condition that we went to Rajasthan. He readily agreed.”
I then researched the various options open to us and came up with the following:

  1. Book a tour with one of the big UK based tour operators
  2. Go backpacking and book hotels and trains up front
  3. Go backpacking and improvise as we travelled
  4. Hire a driver and car
  5. Book the tour through a local, Indian, company

My conclusions were that

Option 1 was too expensive (double the price of Option 5), too impersonal, involved travelling with lots of others in air conditioned coaches, too inflexible and staying in up market hotels that cocooned you from the real India

Option 2 was a possibility but at 64 years old not really an option for me

Option 3 was a ‘no no’ for the same reason

Option 4 was viable but left too much uncertainty

Option 5 was the best option but carried a degree of risk with it.

Having decided on Option 5 I went on to the Indian Tourist Board web site and submitted my requirements. In a very short time I had phone calls from a number of people in India who listened to my requirements and then submitted proposals/quotes with their recommendations. I very quickly came to the conclusion that Anil Prajapati of Intense India Tours most closely matched my requirements, didn’t try the hard sell on me and gave me a good feeling about him.

I was still concerned with the fact that I would have to put down a 30% deposit to a company in a far off land I knew nothing about so Anil supplied me with a number of UK people who I contacted all of whom gave him glowing references. I gave Anil the remaining 70% on arrival at Udaipur.

After refining my itinerary further I agreed with Anil that we would go ahead with the tour staring in Mumbai and taking in Udaipur, Rawla Narlai, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi.

I am extremely glad that I chose Anil and Intense India as we had a brilliant two week holiday being driven round by Lalit (Superman) who was a brilliant driver, a wonderfully friendly and informative tour guide, always happy, flexible and punctual.

We were met in Mumbai by Anil’s representative who drove us round the crazy city for a day before driving us to the airport where we flew to Udaipur on Jet Connect. There we were met by Anil and Lalit who drove us to our hotel overlooking Lake Pichola. Anil returned to Delhi but kept in contact with us on a daily basis to ensure everything was OK. He met us again in Agra and Delhi to get our feedback and suggestions. Anil is a truly likeable and trustworthy person whose only concern was with our satisfaction, safety and comfort.

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Rajasthan and we are very confident in recommending Intense India Tours. The hotels were excellent (top of the budget range) and I am happy to list them for you as well as leaving TripAdvisor feedback for each of them independently.

If you want a well organized tour from a very friendly comfortable that is stress free then Intense India Tours are the one for you.

Jeremy Ensor

United Kingdom

“We spent 2 weeks in India touring Rajasthan. We started and ended in Delhi. Anil planned the visit for us according to our budget. He also kept in contact with us throughout” the trip. Anil even met us one evening and took us to dinner. We felt taken care of at all times. Our driver Ram was excellent. He also took very good care of us. The hotels and tours were wonderful. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in India and if we are lucky enough to go back, I would most definitely plan my trip through Intense India Tours. I very highly and without reservation recommend Intense India Tours for a trip to India. You will be all taken care of by Anil.

Joyce Anne Meyer

United States

“My friend organized a tour through Intense India Tours and I came along. Prior to the trip, my friend was very complimentary about the service she had received during” planning from Anil. He was responsive in his emails and called to clarify items.

When we arrived in Delhi, Anil met us with our driver Lilat. For the next 10 days, Lilat looked out for us and showcased Agra and Rajasthan. Nothing was ever a problem for Lilat. He went out of his way to make our holiday enjoyable. As he spent time with us, he was able to understand how we liked to travel and what we wanted to see, so he was able to be proactive in making suggestions. We discovered a couple of treasures that the guide book didn’t mention!

Lilat was a careful, competent driver. We were grateful to have him with us when facing cars and buses coming down the wrong way of a dual carriageway tollway and working around the cows, dogs and monkeys that seemed to think the road was theirs!

We stayed in heritage hotels (reviewed separately). Anil had highly recommended Narlai and this was a highlight of our trip. This recommendation was fabulous.

Further, Lalit knew appropriate places to stop for lunch breaks en route. This was helpful.

I would strongly recommend the approach of a driver with car and pre-booked accommodation and guides in each location as a way to see India. Travel can be “hard” (there were times we could only go at 40km/hour for an hour or more due to the poor roads). However, this gives you the flexibility to linger a little longer at a sight.

I would also strongly recommend both Anil and Lalit (and thus Intense India Tours) as a highly focused, customer-centric team.

Bronwyn Evans


“We usually never travel with agencies but in India we made an exception- and we were VERY POSITIVELY surprised! Intense India Tours provide excellent service” and give great tips and suggestions. With this agency you can travel in a very adventurous but safe way and get a local touch of India. They are very customer-oriented and responsive- they will adapt the trip to your needs! All suggested places to see were wonderful, the hotels they offered were also nice and allowed us to rest well. They also have very friendly drivers with whom you can travel safely! The drivers as well as guides are local and when travelling with them you can really learn about the Indian culture. Also, very good value for money! We would totally recommend Intense Idnia Tours!

Monika & Jean-Marie


Je rentre d’un voyage de 16 jours en Inde du Sud (Tamil Nadu et Kerala) organisé par une agence locale avec laquelle j’avais déjà fait un voyage au Rajasthan en 2011.Je recommande cette agence pour son sérieux, sa disponibilité, son professionnalisme: les deux fois tout était parfait. Des propositions d’hôtels, des itinéraires que vous proposez., la voiture “Toyota Innova” très spacieux pour un couple, le chauffeur disponible, prévenant?…tout se règle par courriel et vous recevez les documents,vouchers par courriel . Le chauffeur qui vous prend en charge à l’aéroport vous remet aussi les documents ( tout est préparé dans les moindres détails).

Thérèse Vanlierde