“My friend organized a tour through Intense India Tours and I came along. Prior to the trip, my friend was very complimentary about the service she had received during” planning from Anil. He was responsive in his emails and called to clarify items.

When we arrived in Delhi, Anil met us with our driver Lilat. For the next 10 days, Lilat looked out for us and showcased Agra and Rajasthan. Nothing was ever a problem for Lilat. He went out of his way to make our holiday enjoyable. As he spent time with us, he was able to understand how we liked to travel and what we wanted to see, so he was able to be proactive in making suggestions. We discovered a couple of treasures that the guide book didn’t mention!

Lilat was a careful, competent driver. We were grateful to have him with us when facing cars and buses coming down the wrong way of a dual carriageway tollway and working around the cows, dogs and monkeys that seemed to think the road was theirs!

We stayed in heritage hotels (reviewed separately). Anil had highly recommended Narlai and this was a highlight of our trip. This recommendation was fabulous.

Further, Lalit knew appropriate places to stop for lunch breaks en route. This was helpful.

I would strongly recommend the approach of a driver with car and pre-booked accommodation and guides in each location as a way to see India. Travel can be “hard” (there were times we could only go at 40km/hour for an hour or more due to the poor roads). However, this gives you the flexibility to linger a little longer at a sight.

I would also strongly recommend both Anil and Lalit (and thus Intense India Tours) as a highly focused, customer-centric team.