“Wanting to arrange a tour of Rajasthan I trawled the internet to find a suitable travel company. I was quickly drawn to Intense India Tours by their attractive web site, which clearly” stated the options available. From the point I made contact with Anil Prajapati, their representative I felt confident I was dealing with a proficient and honest company in whom I could trust to arrange my tour. The tours they were proposing did not entirely meet my requirements but they promptly put together a tour tailored to my preferences, which not only included Rajasthan but was extended to include a two day visit to Varanasi. I then received an itinerary including identifying hotels, places to be visited, a clear statement on services to be or not included and a cost for the tour, which was to last for 18 days between 25 March and 11 April 2012. I investigated the proposed hotels and where not entirely happy was immediately offered alternatives at no extra cost. I also asked to have a two day visit to Narlai added, which likewise was included. A nominal down payment was made and from that point I was entirely in the hands of Anil who regularly before and during the tour would call me to see everything was in order. On arriving at Delhi we were met in the small hours of 25 March by Anil and his allotted driver/guide Lalit Yadav and delivered to our hotel for a short briefing. From then on we were in the hands of Lalit who was the most likeable person you could wish to meet and with whom we would spend the next two weeks. Lalit was throughout co-operative, always on time, a safe and competent driver and a patient guide who never failed to answer our questions. He also made sure we were given the right advice to avoid being troubled by the ever present street sellers and others offering their services. From the beginning to the end we were delivered everything promised and often more. We were cared for in every sense and felt safe and secure throughout. From our experience of a faultless service delivered by Intense India Travels I would recommend anyone wanting to visit India to put their faith in them to deliver a perfect vacation. MNN