Blue Pottery

- 2 Jan, 2018 - by admin

Treating its every tourist with royalty, the pink city of Jaipur has so much to offer to its every visitor. The city of colours and charm has beautifully embraced traditional art and culture in its every bit. Be it jewellery or the artefacts; the rich and royal taste of Rajasthanis can be witnessed anywhere in Jaipur. Famous for many things, Jaipur is also well known for its handicraft items around the world. And it is for this reason only, that you can find local markets of pink city flooded with them. From the fascinating miniature paintings to splendid wood work items and the beautiful ivory carved sculptures to awesome blue pottery; undoubtedly the pink painted sand stone city is an absolute choice among art lovers.

Talking about the many surviving arts of Jaipur, the art of blue pottery is certainly among the one to talk about.  Endowing large collection of various items, blue pottery is considered as the traditional craft of pink city. Inspired by the Turko Persian origin, this attractive form of art is said to have its roots connection with the royal family of Jaipur’s raj-gharana. And it is for this reason that you can find traces of this art in the architecture of Jaipur’s palaces also.

Besides having the royal connection, the another amazing fact that has Wowed its admirers is that even it is a form of pottery but still it does not use clay or mud in its any items. Quite surprising!! Isn’t?? And the blue colour of this pottery is not because of use of dyes and colours; rather it is the use of chemical compounds like Cobalt Oxide (for blue color) and Copper Oxide (for green colour) which impart the exotic blue colour to its products. Now, doesn’t all this make this art stand apart from all other kind of potteries.

Available in many items, you can pick blue pottery from a wide range of collection that includes: vases, tea sets, ash-trays, jugs, urns, mugs, lamp stands, trinkets, cylindrical jars, pots, door knobs, earrings, beads etc. From decorative items to traditional accessory pieces; this art form has so much to offer to its admirers and lovers. And to pick them at the best prices, the local streets of Amber have some best stores to witness and explore the true essence of blue pottery. So, if you are in Jaipur don’t forget to praise and pick this special art form of pottery from here.